Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogging about JFK & "Final Charade"--My first post

Many people know about my 1981 book, "BEST EVIDENCE: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of President Kennedy." It was published by Macmillan, was a Book of the Month Selection, and was on the New York Times best seller list for about four months. The book was number one on the wire service lists--for about a month--and then remained in print for some seventeen years, through a sequence of four different publishers. (My favorite edition is the 1988 Carroll & Graf edition, published in trade paperback). Between January and April, 1981, I traveled all over the country, appearing on many shows, propounding what was a rather complex thesis, but one not only backed by critical evidence, but by videotaped interviews of key people connected with JFK's autopsy. Those video interviews were then compiled and released in 1989 (and again in 1991) as a 37 minute documentary titled "BEST EVIDENCE: The Research Video."

The central thesis of my book--now widely debated on the Internet (see, for example, the London Education Forum, or the JFK Lancer Forum)--is simply this: that the "best evidence" in the JFK case was the President's body, itself, and that the autopsy report in this case--the report relied upon by the Warren Commission as the legal basis for its "two shots struck JFK from behind" conclusions--was falsified by a simple (and rather ugly) mechanism, one that was, I believe, an integral part of the crime itself: the medical alteration of the wounds on the body, shortly after Kenned's death, and prior to the autopsy. (JFK was shot at 12:30 CST in Dallas; after he was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital --at 1 P.M.--his body was brought back to Washington aboard Air Force One, and then to Bethesda Naval Hospital, where an autopsy commenced at 8 P.M. EST). In a nutshell, the central thesis of Best Evidence--which starts with the recognition that the body of the deceased, in a gunshot case, offers a "diagram of the shooting," is that that "diagram" (i.e., the wound pattern on President Kennedy's body)--by 8 P.M. on the evening of 11/22/63--bore little resemblance to the wounds originally on the body immediately after the shooting. In short, by the time of autopsy, JFK's body was tantamount to a medical forgery, it told a false story of the shooting; and that "medical forgery" became the basis for the autopsy report that was accepted as the foundation for the "Oswald did it" version of President Kennedy's murder.

As those who have read my book well know, I do not believe that Oswald was JFK's assassin, and the appearance that he was in fact Kennedy's murderer is the result of a pattern of deliberately falsified evidence. This thorough falsification of a variety of evidence created the appearance not only that Oswald was "the assassin" but, in addition, that JFK was shot "from above and behind" ---and specifically, from the "sniper's nest" located on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository (today, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas).

In 1988, BEST EVIDENCE was published in trade paperback (as stated above) and that edition carried the JFK autopsy photographs--then, and still, under seal at the National Archives. The publication in the 1988 edition of my book marked the first time they were published anywhere in the world. Furthermore, that edition carried an important "Epilogue" reporting not only my own feelings about the necessity of publishing these pictures, but also developments in my own personal investigation relating to this evidence--specifically, what happened when I showed these photographs to various Dallas doctors and nurses who had actually seen JFK 's wounds, at Parkland Hospital, on the day of his death. The general verdict was that these photographs did not show the wounds as the witnesses recalled them. (The 1993 edition of BEST EVIDENCE, published by New American Library, also carries the pictures, and the same AFTERWORD.)

In 1992, in the aftermath of Oliver Stone's movie "JFK," Congress passed the JFK Records Act, mandating the declassification of all records pertaining to this case. The JFK Act created a small Federal Agency called the "Assassination Records Review Board" ("the ARRB") and during their three year life, they had the power to subpoena records, and to call witnesses to "clarify the record." This they did and during the course of their investigation, some 10 depositions were taken from critical witnesses connected with JFK's autopsy, some of whose accounts had appeared, for the first time, in BEST EVIDENCE. Douglas Horne, a former Naval officer, held the title Chief Analyst for Military Records, and played a major role in pursuing all matters pertaining to the medical evidence and the Zapruder film (and many other issues as well). He has just published a massive five volume work "INSIDE THE ARRB" , which I highly recommend, and which strongly endorses the major thesis of BEST EVIDENCE. Several years ago, he posted the following statement on the Internet, from which I now quote--that BEST EVIDENCE "has been validated by the work of the ARRB staff. Our unsworn interviews and depositions of Dallas (Parkland Hospital) medical personnel and Bethesda autopsy participants confirm that the President's body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital in a markedly different condition than it was in when seen at Parkland for life-saving treatment. My conclusion is that wounds were indeed altered and bullets were indeed removed prior to the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital. This procedure altered the autopsy conclusions and presented a false picture of how the shooting took place. In most essential details, David Lifton "got it right" in his 1981 bestseller." (END QUOTE)

From email and letters, I know that many who have followed my work have wondered what I have been doing since the publication of BEST EVIDENCE. The chief answer is: pursuing my own research on the JFK case, and, most important, writing a book on Oswald.

Since I do not believe Oswald shot Kennedy, the question is not only "who did?"--but also, "Just who was Oswald?" and how did he become entangled in this entire affair? To cast a similarly important question in terms of the physical evidence, the issue is not "who put the bullets INTO President Kennedy's body" but rather "who took them out?" Only by answering the second question can we hope to obtain a "global" picture of just what happened on November 22, 1963. In short, if President Kennedy's body was altered (post-mortem) and the autopsy conclusions falsified, then the answer to "who killed Kennedy?" can only be found by learning how this was accomplished, how was this entire event was arranged, and how such a conglomeration of evidence was falsified, so as to create--after it was over, i.e., in the aftermath of the shooting--the false appearance that Lee Oswald was President Kennedy's assassin.

Because that, I believe, is what happened in this case. That, to use the vernacular, is what "went down" on November 22, 1963. So one way of attempting to get to the bottom of all this is to find the answer(s) to the question: who was Oswald?

This is the question that is primarily addressed in my forthcoming work, FINAL CHARADE: Lee Oswald and the Assassination of President Kennedy.

In my own writing, I view Oswald as "the man who didn't do it", and .the question I address (and answer) is: Who was this "man who didn't do it?"

On a more personal note:

I was born on September 20, 1939, and am just three weeks older than Oswald would have been (had he lived)--so it is very easy for me to relate to someone who was a "child of the fifties" (I was high school "class of '57" and then Cornell "class of '62"). Had he not lost a year, from all the moving around, and then dropped out of school early to join the Marines, Oswald, too, would have been "class of '57." But he joined the Marines (October, 1956), and then--immediately after his discharge (9/11/59)--departed for the Soviet Union, arriving there on October 16, 1959, just two days prior to his 20th birthday. To put this in perspective, I had just begun my junior year at Cornell (in the School of Engineering Physics) and was just beginning my second course in electromagnetic theory, at the time that Oswald was telling the KGB that he would like to live int he Soviet Union for the rest of his life, and--if permitted to do so--had certain radar secrets to ofer. Oswald then remained there for just over two and a half years, returning in mid-June, 1962, about halfway through JFK's "1000 days." Utilizing this chronological correlation between Oswald and myelf helps put a more human face on Oswald, and helps "tell the story" of my investigation of his life, in the first person (just as I narrated my investigation of the medical evidence, in BEST EVIDENCE).

FINAL CHARADE was under contract some years ago (which explains some of the Amazon listings), but has undergone a major redesign, and is not currently under contract. Rest assured it will be published, and will be an important sequel to BEST EVIDENCE; and a very important book when it comes to understanding the events of November 22, 1963.

For the time being, I will keep future readers informed of my activities, via this blog; and address certain other issues as the need arises.

If I don't answer questions, please bear with me, as my time is limited and I am primarily focused on completing my work.

For those who want to know more about BEST EVIDENCE, be aware that 37 minute documentary film, "BEST EVIDENCE: The Research Video" is probably available, as a VHS, and we are trying to get that re-released as a DVD. There you will find some of the key witnesses who appeared in the book--witnesses I interviewed in 1980, when there was far less use of "home video" (and, of course, no Internet, no cell phones, no You Tube, etc.. My video contains the accounts of witnesses filmed "the old fashioned way" (i.e., on 16 mm film, using a professional film crew) and who much later appeared (circa 1996/97) before the ARRB. For those who want to learn more about my work in the area of the Zapruder film, I recommend my essay, "PIG ON A LEASH," which has been posted on the Internet.

Again, just as in the case of the President's body (and the official autopsy), the key issue is authenticity. In my essay, you will find a detailed account of my experiences (and research) concerning this most critical matter. Ultimately at issue is whether the "extant film" --the one which became "the evidence" on which the FBI and the Warren Commission relied for the timing of "the shots"--was in fact the genuine camera original, or an edited version. You will also learn the story of how in 1990, in New York City, I obtained access to an original 35 mm copy of the "original" film (a high quality copy made in 1967 by a private firm, then under contract with LIFE, the putative owner of the Zapruder film at that time); how I then obtained access to an optical printer, and then made extraordinarily clear copies of that 35mm item, one of which I then donated to the Kennedy Collection at the National Archives, when I testified before the ARRB in September, 1996. (A far more complete and extensive analysis addressing Zapruder film authenticity is to be found in Volume 4 of Horne's work, previously mentioned, the fine work of film editor David Healy, and I also refer any interested reader to the work of Australian physicist John Costella, which can also be found on the Internet.)

Ultimately, these matters of "physical evidence" relate to the "Oswald story" because it is via the "official evidence" (i.e., the autopsy, the Zapruder film, etc.) that the official "Oswald story" emerges--and the key issue is whether the evidence is legitimate.

On that score, it is important to remember what Lee Oswald--who had repeatedly and very publicly protested his innocence--said to his older brother Robert, during their brief meeting in the Dallas jail on Saturday, November 23, 1963, the day before he was murdered: "Do not believe the so-called 'evidence'."

The most important evidence in this case was the President's body--and I addressed that in BEST EVIDENCE. I will be covering the rest in FINAL CHARADE.

I wish everyone well, and will try to update this blog as time permits.

David S. Lifton
4/15/2010; 4:45 AM, PDT
West Los Angeles, California


  1. David L.,
    An update concerning "Final Charade" please?

  2. Hi David. Surfing the internet today (of all days...) and came upon your blog. I so thoroughly enjoyed "Best Evidence" and your interpretation of the medical evidence and capturing, for history's sake, the interviews with so many key people involved that day. I too am wondering about "Final Charade" and when I will be able to delve into what I am sure will be a fascinating account.


  3. Dear Mr.Lifton,I'm a Japanese writer Hideji
    Okina,I know privately your book Japanese
    version translater Prof. Hiroshi Tsuchida.
    He published his book "Message from Heaven:Secret Opertion of Assassination Kennedy" in 1993.
    And I meet Oswald Japanese girlfriend Y.O
    few years before.She is very angry.
    She not want talk about him.
    I want read a your new book 16 years before.
    At first I know your boook will publish in 1995 from "OSWALD AND CIA" First edition.

    Best Regards.

  4. Hi David .... it is great to locate your blog and to hear that you are working on the Oswald Project. I am sure I speak for many, that we are very eagerly awaiting the release of your newest work ... in the meantime, be well ....... all the best to you!

  5. This is the first time I have found your blog on the internet and want to wish you the best of success in Final Charade. It is a travesty that Best Evidence has not received a much wider audience since the publication of Horne's magnum opus. Let us hope that Final Charade wakes up JFK research from its current slumbers. All best wishes, Dan

  6. I haven't read your book Best Evidence, but I saw your presentation at the Deluth 2003 symposium on the Zapruda hoax film which was excellent!

    I am hoping that you will be updating Best Evidence at some point. If not I will get round to buying it anyway.

    Looking forward to your Oswald work ... hopefully you can shed some new light on the officer Tippett killing.


  7. David,

    Thank you for your efforts.

    A few questions.

    1. Your thoughts about Homer McMahon testimoney with the ARRB on the original Z-film.

    2. Do you have any additional information on the Red Bird Airport incident?

    3. I have read a little about 'FDR Assisination' and Neslon Rockerfeller's secret bid for the presidency. I am not real sure of the accuracy of the subject or the primary author however it has a similar footprint as the JFK murder. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

    4. Any comments on the movie 'Shooter' by Stephen Hunter? Hunter openly parallels the novel with JFK.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  8. A little help on finding a copy of FINAL CHARADE.
    Every place I look on the internet, all state that the book in not available.

  9. I read somewhere that Jackie Kennedy was given red roses so she was clearly identifiable among other women who were given yellow roses.

    I just saw a video of Oswald being escorted out to when he was shot. All the officers were wearing black suits with the exception of the one who was 'holding onto' Oswald. Sounds similar?

  10. Regarding E Lindsey's comment above, in recent days, watching all the commemorations of the events of November 22, 1963, I was struck by the shot of the back seat of the limousine at Parkland Hospital showing abandoned on the seat and floor a bunch of tattered YELLOW roses, precisely where we would expect to see Mrs. Kennedy's RED roses.

    1. That was a photo of LBJ's limo/car at Parkland.

  11. David,
    I remember Paul O'Conner speaking about the body being in a grey shipping casket when it arrived at Bethesda and the president's body being in a body bag.Also there is a video on youtube where you can hear Helicopters that must have been on the starboard side the AF1 These things back all your evidence. so I can't wait to read fFinal Charade thanks

  12. You need to check out what Nellie does with the yellow roses.
    Bob Mady

  13. Who were the people who off loaded the casket off of AF1? Either they knew they were handling an empty casket, or they knew that they would have to lie about it, or some one added weight to the casket. Assuming that the removal of JFK's body was fast and messy, then one is to assume that the casket was empty.

  14. Abraham zapruder shoots jfk with a gun/ camera..patsey takes the fall while real assassin gets away to spend payday after exchanging his proof of killing jfk...jfk snuff do you people not see this...LIFE MAG.MAKES A MARTYR OF JFK AND MAKES BILLIONS OFF A 150OOO PAY OFF TO ASSASSIN...LIFE OWNS THE RIGHTS TO JFKS DEATH....LIFE MAGAZINE LIES FOR THE LAST 50 YRS...THEY PAID OFF THE ASSASIN...DUH..


  16. just your first post also your last post?

  17. Another well researched book titled "Oswald Talked" has a lot of pertinent information on LHO and the Dallas/New Orleans nexus that played a key role in the events of 11/22/63.

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  19. David,

    What is the current status of Final Charade?

  20. Hi David, I've read "Best Evidence" several times over the years, and in my opinion it's still the best book written about the Kennedy assassination. However, I was wondering if anyone who has viewed the Zapruder film has noticed that at Z frame #369 you can see the EXIT wound at the rear of Kennedy's head, and it(the wound) remains visible until about frame #387.

    1. What did you think about the part where they stole Kennedy's body out of the back of Air Force One after it landed at Andrews AF Base ... right under the nose of Mrs. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and about 50 other close Kennedy staffers and news people ?

    2. How exactly do you start a conversation with some Army pathologist or surgeon at Walter Reed Army Hospital where you ask this individual to participate in a conspiracy to cover up the murder of the President of the U.S. ? What if he says "No" ? What do you do then ?

  21. A little bit of bad news. In 2013 some TV channel produced a show claiming that the fatal shot to Kennedy's head came from a rifle accidentally discharged by a Secret Service Agent in the car immediately behind the President's. As a consequence you have now been 'demoted' from sole ownership of First Place in the Most Ludicrous Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Sweepstakes to merely tied for first. Sorry

  22. Has anyone done any research on employees of the Hawkeye Works and if any of them joined the untimely deaths as other key witnesses?

  23. Have you found any evidence that Oswald was in Chicago (either physically or allegedly viz-a-viz "sightings")? This would be an organized crime connection.

  24. Have you found any evidence that Oswald was in Chicago (either physically or allegedly viz-a-viz "sightings")? This would be an organized crime connection.

  25. Could the body that entered in the shipping casket, described by Dennis David, be J. D. Tippit?

    1. Mr. Lifton, I want applaud you for you footwork at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I worked there as a contractor around 2009 to 2011. There was a great deal of construction going on during this time because Walter Reed Army Hospital was being moved over to Bethesda Naval. I saw much of the buildings, old and new. I was the lobby in the tower but at the time my thinking was about the Forrestal suicide, something my mother told me shocked everyone, she remembered where she was when she heard. I had read portions of your book, the 1988 Carroll and Graf paperback - red letters on white background. Since that time I have read the whole book and re read certain portions. There are still some things that I am trying to construct in my own mind because you wrote it in the order you investigated and I applaud you again for being able to drop back a number of times and evaluate again what you were faced with. My father was the Chief of Physical Security at the U.S. Department of State in the 1950's. He traveled on Eisenhower's Air Force One the "Columbine." I am investigating the allegation that he was murdered in Ethiopia on December 22, 1961. There are a number of things I want to ask your opinion on. But, I am still trying to put the various witnesses statements together. I find what Lieutenant Richard A. Lipsey "p.418 -419" had to say especially interesting. This was how the "decoy ambulance" was described to him at Andrews Air Force Base "in a little, at Andrews" This would mean that the decoy was planned well in advance and the uncertainty about where JFK's body would go discussed on the plane coming back from Dallas was unnecessary. I had the opportunity to ride around the grounds. Hills and curves and easy to loose someone. I also noted that more than one witness said it was very dark. Being an electrician by trade I wonder what happened to the street lights. There is more that I want to say after I get the sequence down a little better of what various witnesses saw. You have done an excellent work. The significance of what you have uncovered in BEST EVIDECE is very important. This crime was carefully planned, I think years in advance, with planned releases of new information to keep researchers going for decades. The culprits are mostly dead now but I think their aides or relatives are still in places of authority.

    2. In Ch. 7 "LACE" in Manchester's THE DEATH OF A PRESIDENT Air Force One arrives at Andrews Friday night, rides through Washington to Bethesda and it closes the next morning at the White House. I think the assassination involved Civil Defense.
      A red hot Cold War climate required a Civil Defense establishment with shelters for officials and the elite but not the public. CONFUSION and CONTROL. Oswald's mother said he was a U.S. agent and that his death and JFK's were planned in the U.S. Department of State. She asked how he was able to travel so much. Jim Garrison thought Oswald knew Jack Ruby, in Dallas and New Orleans. Before the assassination Ruby ran a booth at Dallas' Fair Park called "How Hollywood Makes Movies." I think CCTV cables and equipment were tied into the Civil Defense Bunker at Fair Park to monitor Dealey Plaza. So a ploy could be played out. Harmless, except for some embarrassed Cubans. The bunker was probably tied in to the tunnel system under Dallas? See: CIVIL DEFENSE MUSEUM.
      On p.396 - The night of the assassination fire house sirens wailed all over Washington. The Office of Civil Defense could start these sirens by adding a frequency to the electrical grid. No one attacked and in case someone in the U.S. got trigger happy,the "Football" was left behind in Dallas. Unknown to the American public was a Civil Defense bunker outside Washington at the Greenbrier Hotel. With television studios to transmit information, radiation decontamination chambers and a crematorium. Congressmen and senators would be locked in there. See: CONELRAD ADJACENT. The Greenbrier was the location of the Greenbrier Manifesto. The first statement by the Confederate leaders after the Civil War. They would not oppose freedom of the slaves and would even be willing to employ them. The Dallas Citizens Council controlled Public works, street signage, plaza design and if needed, a tunnel for an assassin in the storm drain along Elm Street. An easy shot. Everyone runs up the grassy knoll. Something happened. Was it staged, part of a plan that implicated and hamstrung Robert Kennedy in a plot to embarrass Cubans ransomed back from Castro after the Bay of Pigs? They were promoted in the press (and LIFE MAGAZINE) as freedom fighters even after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Many of these Cubans were seen in Dealey Plaza that day. Was former President George Bush's connection to tell them that Robert Kennedy planned to double cross them while they pretended to be Pro Castro Cubans trying to kill JFK? They were not going to kill JFK, fake a try, and possibly Oswald would be killed. Wake JFK up, Castro and the Russians were bad. See: (Sergio Aracha Smith, Layton Martens, David Ferrie.) Also in Ch. 7 p.393 C&P Telephone was pulling CCTV cables in the manholes as the motorcade made it's way to Bethesda.
      p.447 Oswald awoke refreshed. He had not know that JFK was dead until he heard it in the hallway from reporters.
      p.443 Jacqueline Kennedy, upon viewing JFK's face said "It wasn't Jack, it was like something you see at Madam Tussaud's." Some think that J.D. (Jefferson Davis) Tippit, who bore a resemblance to JFK. Was the casket shuffle at Bethesda needed to bury Tippit in Arlington in JFK's place.
      I would like to interview the City Manager of Dallas at the time.
      Gordon Gray, head of Civil Defense in the 50's, and on the Psychological Strategy Board along with LIFE MAGAZINE's C.D. Jackson. He bought the Zapruder film. The Zapruder film may have started out as a CCTV recording on video tape and was altered and transferred to the 16mm movie film.
      Gordon Gray was Eisenhower's National Security Advisor. McGeorge Bundy took over from him and he wrote many of JFK's NSAM's. These maneuvered Robert Kennedy into taking the over reigns of the intelligence community after the Bay of Pigs and paved the way for the Viet Nam war.
      Lyndon Johnson went right to Bundy when he got back to Washington.

    3. Here are some links to the information presented above:
      JFK'S NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDA (NSAMs) It appears McGeorge Bundy controlled these. JFK had been in office less than a month when Gen. Ed Lansdale is touted in NSAM 9 on Feb. 6, 1961. On March 14, 1962 NSAM 136 introduces U.S. INTERNAL SECURITY PROGRAMS and on June 9, 1962 in NSAM 161 on p.2 they are"...transferred to the supervision of the Attorney General." My theory is that RFK was tricked by Lansdale into a ploy to embarrass the Bay of Pigs Cubans. Isn't Bundy the one who cancelled the air cover for the invasion? Maybe it was doomed from the beginning to play out later. I find NSAM 267 interesting DISASTER ASSISTANCE FOR SKOPJE. Gypsies? Wasn't Fred Crisman involved with gypsies and church fronts?
      The assassination could have been monitored or controlled from here. See the Air Filter System link and the "Time Capsule" against the wall. Does this hide a door to the tunnels under Dallas? Or what? This is on section K on the Main Map. Also see: SHENANIGANS AT THE DALLAS STATE FAIRGROUNDS Larry Crafard testified to the Warren Commission and mentioned visiting an electronics store with Ruby for this venture. And: CONELRAD ADJACENT THE GREENBRIER REVISITED This is the elaborate bunker under the Greenbrier Hotel for "Continuity of Government." But whose? It was know to only a handful of people.
      I'll also mention BELL TELEPHONE. Most of the tunnels in Dallas involved Bell Telephone and Bell played a major role in the Military Industrial Complex. They also had a decades old anti-trust suit hanging over them. See the book: THE IDEA FACTORY BELL LABS. I pick up on these things because of my father's career in security - atomic and diplomatic.

  26. Mr. Lifton, could you please summarize the major differences between the 1980 edition of Best Evidence which I recently read and the 1988 paperback edition you mention above?

    In the 1988 edition did you include addition evidence that would futher buttrice your belief that Kennedy's wounds were altered somewhere between Parkland Hospital and Bethesda to creat the false evidence trail that Humes and the Warren Commission considerd "best evidence?"

  27. Lately I have been researching coup's in general through history and have discovered some interesting things.

    Julius Caesar, 4 attempts, the final one being successful, the Roman Senate was the only place that Julius Caesar did not have his protective guards. And there were over 80 individuals involved in the assassination.

    Many assassinations in Egyptian history, all about seizing power from those close to the ruler.

    Valkyrie - many similarities to the JFK assassination.

    During the closing of WWII, there was an operation to gather German intelligence operatives out of Europe and into the USA similar to Operation Paperclip. Those individuals were absorbed into the OSS and ultimately the CIA.

    There is evidence that British Intelligence told Churchill about the coming attack on Pearl Harbor 9 months before the event and Churchill told FDR. I have seen an actual newspaper article where the attack was announced 7 days before it happened in the Hilo Tribune (the newspaper in the Pearl Harbor area.)

    There is growing evidence that FDR himself was assassinated at Warm Springs, Ga. It is on the internet, do your homework.

    There is growing evidence that Nelson Rockefeller made a bid to maneuver himself into the White House. Also on the internet.

    If one was going to pull off an assassination, one only would have to study these areas and the put together a plan. There are way too many similaries.

  28. PS - I am still waiting anxiously for Final Charade.

  29. Sorry,

    Why has not anyone pulled the original cover story of Life Magazine (I think that was the magazine) where the illegal actions of LBJ were going to be the featured story. I have read that had the JFK assassination had not occurred, that edition would have been about LBJ.

    LBJ had reason, motive and the ability to set it about.

    And Eisenhower had it 2/3 correct, it was the Military, Industrial and Banking establishment.

  30. Mr. Lifton, the autopsy on JFK was totally illegal. Many laws and legal ethics were violated in order to control the WC. These laws were broken when Oswald was either in jail or dead, so the WC is completely false. I'm reading Best Evidence now.

  31. In your research have you come across anything relating to a Marcia G. Baringer who may have known LHO in 1963?

  32. In your research have you come across anything relating to a Marcia G. Baringer who may have known LHO in 1963?

  33. David, my name is Bob and back in 1992 to 1993 we corresponded when I was living in OKC. I had given you Penn Jones' address and suggested you go through his wife, Elaine. You were talking about a new book you were ready to write and I'm curious if the final charade is indeed that book you were referring to.

    Have to tell you that when my wife and I visited Penn and Elaine a few months after our correspondence they had said that you did indeed visit them and they considered you the most intelligent and brightest of all the researchers. I just thought you would like to know that.


  34. David,

    I am still waiting anxiously for Final Charade.

  35. David,

    I do not know why Final Charade has not been published yet. Why not self publish it. I would buy a copy as soon as I know it is out. I am sure many millions will also. The dam is about to burst and truth will spill forth.

    Once their lies come out, we might regain our freedoms and liberties that our forefathers wanted.

  36. Hello Mr. Lifton. I want to bring up the allegation again about the similarity in the appearance between JFK and J.D. Tippit and that it is actually J.D. Tippit in JFK's grave in Arlington National Cemetery. I find it strange that Tippit's body was removed from the murder scene by an ambulance before the police arrive. See: 1:14:30pm Tippit shot-- 1:17:41PM Citizen uses police radio to inform police Tippit is shot-- 1:18:59pm Ambulance arrives and with help of citizens takes Tippit's body-- 1:19:30pm First Police arrive on scene of Tippit shooting. Is it possible that the shipping casket delivered by the black hearse and taken in by the men in dark suits was Tippits? That JFK's body was in the ambulance that arrived in front of Bethesda with Jackie Kennedy and went off somewhere on the grounds of Bethesda or the Catholic school adjacent to Bethesda? JFK's body was removed from the casket, X Rays and photos taken and delivered to the morgue at Bethesda and the ambulance returned after the 2 chases by the Honor Guard with an empty casket. Didn't the honor guard lose the ambulance at first and then hook up with it later somehow? The autopsy surgeons always seemed confused about the events and the X Rays right? And what about the death of William Bruce Pitzer? Suicide? Yet ready to retire from the Navy and start a high paying job with a TV network and supposedly in possession of video tape of the JFK autopsy? Tippit was shot in the front of his head by his right eye, the final shot after the killer started to leave and came back around the back of the car. I think this has to do with some sort of play acting. Was Tippit wearing a bullet proof vest? Why 2 uniforms in his car? Was he play acting as some sort of hero that day? He was shot 3 times already. Yet the killer came around the back of the car behind him for the coup de grace. The ambulance chase at Bethesda - part of the Masonic Hiram Abiff ritual searching for the body but fooling the Honor Guard was part of the act of ushering in a new power structure? They eventually carried out President "JD" Tippit. I think die hard Confederates were involved along with mystery religion occultists. J.D. (Jefferson Davis) Tippit buried under the flame next to the Custis Lee Mansion in Arlington. Judge Sara Hughes (a descendent of George Washington's aide de camp) giving the swearing in to Lyndon Johnson and Johnson returning to the oval office with a scarlet carpet installed while JFK was in Dallas. This is in Manchester's book. Supposedly Jackie Kennedy picked the color. Scarlet is the color on the Confederate flag. Also the color of the Vatican. JFK's body may be somewhere now. But I don't think it ever entered Bethesda Naval Hospital.

  37. Where can I obtain Final Charade, latest edition? Thanks,

  38. You have speculated about how the President’s body was transferred from the ceremonial bronze casket which it had been placed in Dallas to the plain shipping casket in which it arrived in Bethesda. It must be pointed out that there were valid reasons for concealing facts about the President’s body which had nothing to do with the assassination. Not only had President Kennedy been suffering from Addison’s disease, which had atrophied his adrenal glands, he had also been treated in 1950 for gonococcal infection. Because of this, it is easy to see why the President’s widow and friends would be unwilling to have the autopsy performed in Dallas as was legally required, and instead agree to have it performed at a naval hospital, where surgeons could be ordered not to inspect certain parts of his body. Secretly flying the body by helicopter to Bethesda Naval Hospital in a shipping casket would forestall any possibility that Dallas authorities in Dallas might intercept the motorcade and demand extradition of the President’s body back to Dallas for the autopsy which was required by Texas law. Under these circumstances, it is easy to see how Mr. Kennedy’s bereaved widow and friends would have readily agreed to such a transfer.

  39. This email was sent to Brent at the Night Fright Show that featured an interview with you (David).


    Dr. Charles Baxter MD who cut down the throat to insert the breathing tube was my next door neighbor (Irving, Texas) and I worked for Dr. Baxter in the 1970s therefore I met all of the doctors who were in Trauma Room One. I had a two hour recorded interview with Dr. Robert McClelland MD who held the forceps when Dr. Baxter attempted to insert the breathing tube. He and Dr. Baxter were pushed up against the wall by the operating table when Jackie came into Trauma Room One to say goodbye to the corpse.

    Dr. Baxter stated to me that the hole in the victim’s throat was a bullet entry wound.

    Based upon my experiences with the Parkland doctors and 15 years of investigation, Lifton is quite mistaken about his theory regarding the Parkland doctors being involved in the JFK incident on Elm Street. In fact his conjectures are ridiculous.

    The truth is far more wilder and compelling than what can be fabricated by the best fiction writers – and Lifton’s completely unproven theories transform him into an amateur fiction writer. The Library of Congress should be notified to change the genre of his new book Final Charade to fantasy fiction.


    Brian David Andersen

    David - if you want to reply to me directly - brian at trivortex dot com

  40. Certainly the Warren Report got it all wrong when it comes to following the money and if you just look for who had the most to lose and you will find that to be the Federal Reserve who Bobby and John had announced they were going to dump because of its ability to control and manipulate the govt! Easy perpetrators found!

  41. This week BBC podcast "the press and the president" covers presidents sequentially, explains how the ceremonial casket was damaged, about 10 minutes in:

  42. David Lifton, why don't you publish your book on Amazon Kindle? It is easy, just upload a PDF.

  43. Mr. Lifton, I don't know if you are aware that Donald Dale Jackson, the reporter who collected the trove of information on Lee Harvey Oswald for one of the LIFE MAGAZINE articles that helped smear him was a U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps Agent from 1958 to 1960. I always wondered if he was related to C. D. Jackson of LIFE MAGAZINE, and the Psychology Strategy Board. I cannot find any connection between the two men. I found the CIC information through "Literature Resource Center - Author Resource Pages" at my library. I was reading about John Hurt the former CIC Special Agent that Oswald is supposed to have tried to contact from jail on Saturday Night. The call was intentionally not put through. My father William L. Uanna was involved with the CIC and every time CIC appears while I am doing researching my ears perk up. One of the jobs the CIC had was to be watchdogs within the U.S. military. I think that Oswald may have had duties for the CIC. Oswald seemed to be a provocateur while in uniform, perhaps to ferret out disaffected soldiers. Didn't he do this on campuses too? He may have been watching General Walker for the CIC. Around 1961 the U.S. Department of Defense restructured. A guy named Carroll took over and the CIC was not an independent Corps any more. At the time of the Kennedy Assassination CIC Agent Richard Case Nagell indicated that his handler was acting strange and he thought he was being set up. My research has led me to suspect that the CIC used the U.S. Coast Guard as one to their covers. Fred Lee Chrisman was thought to be a Harbor Patrolman during the Maury Island UFO incident. He had many intelligence positions after that. And the Coast Guard was involved with the Nazis that came ashore in New England at the beginning of WWII but it was Army Intelligence that was really behind their capture. The FBI got the credit. This is how the CIC operated. Others got the credit. The CIC was a highly secret Corps. Long before the NSA "No Such Agency." Agents, many of them enlisted men were not required to give their rank to anyone under the rank of General. And were forbidden to talk about the CIC unless it was absolutely necessary. They would identify themselves as Special Agents. They wore civilian clothes. Didn't Oswald have a clearance to look at files in Japan? And what was he doing there? I read something about a bar called the Queen Bee and the Japanese Communist Party and FAIR PLAY FOR MATSU. Also,the CIC Manual forbid Agents to associate with a prostitute except while on duty. Oswald got venereal disease "in the line of duty." Youth or rank did not matter in the CIC. It was capability and adaptability. Something that Oswald seemed to have. He was not stupid or lazy by any means. reporter Donald Jackson got a lot of information on Oswald. Was this from a locker where it was kept for Oswald by the CIC? Fletcher Prouty said that the Secret Service used the Army Intelligence to assist them when the President visited the various Zones of the U.S. But they stood down that day in Dallas. In the 1960's the CIC was used against the anti Vietnam war movement. Before this the CIC were the good guys, despite the bad reputation they got for briefly handling Klaus Barbie. They collected the majority of the information used at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. And were well respected in the intelligence community, both in the U.S. and abroad. Every time you see CIC you will get an interesting report. Authors Sayer and Botting wrote about their exploits in NAZI GOLD and AMERICA'S SECRET ARMY.
    I hope this information is something you can use.

  44. no one talks about this. right before the 5 min mark. this seems critical

  45. If you look at the photograph of the limo that shows all the blood in the seat and then look at photographs of Jackie's clothing, then realize that JFK's head was in his lap, you would think that there would be a great deal more blood on her dress than is shown in the photographs.

    1. Something about the photograph of the backseat has always seemed off to me. In the photograph you can see a lot of blood and brain tissue however it was reported, and there's photographs to back this up, that at Parkland SS agents took a bucket of water and cleaned the backseat. If that is so then where did all the blood and brain matter on the seat come from that are in the pictures taken later that night? I have not been able to reconcile those two facts.

      If JFK was actually killed immediately after the headshot then his heart would be stopped and there would be no blood pumping, but however would be oozing, out of the wounds which would account for less blood on Jackie's dress.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. how long now before Final Charade is out

  47. Hi David: I'm trying to reach you for a series of audio stories focused on Armand Hammer. I'd really like to speak with you for these stories. Can I contact you? I'm at 917-272-2472
    janet babin

  48. Hi David,
    A few years ago I e-mailed Dave Powers because he seems to have wrote lots of pro-Warren Commission articles. He then threw you (dishonestly so, without acknowledging why) under the bus and suggested I read Max Holland and Priscilla Johnson (which I already had). Here's what he said to me:
    Any comments on Dave Powers and his integrity as a JFK researcher? Thanks.

  49. I’m interested in purchasing your latest novel “Final Charade” Hardcover but I’m not able to find your book anywhere. Do you have a webpage where I can buy it? If not, can you direct me to a web site that has it available? Know that Amazon doesn’t sell it. Thank you DL for your fact finding crusade revealing the truth & Best Evidence of the coverup of JFK assassination

    1. Did you ever locate a copy of Final Charade? I’m currently looking for one myself.

      David Winnett

  50. JFK killed in failed CIA-Mafia plot in Dallas on 11/22/1963!!!! Get all the inside detail's of this plot; and much more at today!!!!!!!